About Us

Fresh perspective on purposeful living at Motani

As we adjust to the “new normal” inside and outside our homes the new generation of the Motani family recognise that creating a sanctuary within our homes where we can escape the noise from the outside world has become of utmost importance. Just as our way of living has shifted, so too has the meaning of ‘home’. The global pandemic has drastically changed the way we live and work - shaping how we decorate our homes, too.

About Us

Designs that will stand the test of time

The pandemic has accelerated the shift away from fast-furniture with a focus rather on trends. Consumers are choosing to invest in designs that will stand the test of time and help them to create that sense of sanctuary at home. At Motani, we know a thing or two about making quality, well-designed furniture that is built to last. Since 1960, the Motani family have been at the forefront of design, manufacture and importation of furniture for the discerning consumer of the African continent.

We have over 60+ years of experience

Motani offers customers and the South African consumer choice. Choice in design, fabrics, accompanying furniture and motion alternatives, which no other manufacturer can provide.

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