“For centuries, a highly prized “goose down” has been used in the very best upholstered furniture to create a super soft comfort. In the modern market, this “down” is available in very limited quantities and is prohibitively expensive. Modern technology has now created our unique “fibre-fill” that has the same comfort properties of genuine goose “down’’ at an affordable price. It is incredibly soft and conforms to the shape of your body.

Just as with goose “down” it must be “regulated by puffing up and shaking the cushions so that the filling is evenly distributed. Finally, pat and smooth the cushions. This process redistributes the filling and the cushions return to their original shape. This should be done regularly. Our revolutionary fibre fill retains its buoyancy and will give you years of super soft comfort, provided you follow the simple instructions of manipulating and regulating the filling back into the original position.

Your lounge suite has our unique fibre-fill in the backs and, in some designs also in the arms. In addition to the outstanding comfort achieved, the “floppy, lived-in look” of the fibre cushions is very much in fashion. In fact, it looks as comfortable as it feels!

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