Keep Covering materials clean

  • Dust settles on lounge furniture just as it settles on cabinet furniture. For fabric suites, vacuum your suite once a week. Accumulated dirt will increase wear and dull the colour. For a leather suite, regularly wipe off the dust with a clean, soft chamois leather.

Cleaning and removing stains – Fabric products

  • Do not use chemical or alcohol-based products to clean your suite as they may damage the chemical composition of the fabric. If you do use a stain remover, try it on a small hidden area first to test any reaction to the fabric. Remove stains with a mild soap solution. To avoid ring stains, gently rub in a circular motion using a clean cloth. Dry with a clean towel. Also try out on a small hidden area first to make sure that the colour does not run. The wet cleaning of upholstered furniture is best left to specialists. We can accept no responsibility for unsuccessful cleaning attempts

Sharp Objects

  • Be careful to avoid the snagging of pile threads on sharp objects. If, however, a loop of thread has been caught – do not pull it further but cut it off as short as possible.

Sunlight and Heat

  • Avoid exposure from any source of heat. The climatic conditions in South Africa are severe and even strong indirect light will cause the fading and perishing of fabrics. Keep your blinds or curtains closed during the day as much as possible. We do not guarantee leather or fabrics against fading.

Room Temperature Settings

  • Proper humidity and level temperature is key to ensuring natural products such as leather and wood stay true to quality. Keep furniture away from heating or air conditioning registers. These remove necessary moisture from your furniture and dry it out, causing additional cracks or splits.

Avoid sitting on the arms or the backrest

  • This could damage the frame or the filling materials. This advice also applies to children.

Never lift a chair or settee by the armrests

  • This could tear the seam attaching the mock-cushion arm to the frame. Always lift from under the base frame.

Fabric protectors

  • We do not recommend the use of any fabric protectors unless it has been applied by the original fabric manufacturer during the production of the fabric. We cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from the application of fabric protectors to the finished product.


  • Because of possible long distances, transportation may have caused some irregular folds or depressions, which will gradually disappear with use. To help this, we advise you to gently pat the cushions or the arms — reshaping the covering with your hands.

Firmness of cushions

  • Occasionally you may notice a slight difference in the firmness of one cushion to the next. This variation will gradually disappear with use.

Slip Cover products

  • Kindly refer to our “Slip Cover” label for care and cleaning of slip covers. The covers should be professionally dry cleaned while the cover is on the product — exactly as you would with a fixed cover design.

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