Inspiring Living Room Decorating Ideas

You know what vibe you want, and you understand how to make the most out of your living room’s space, but how do you achieve that specific style?

Modern: Minimalist decor, crisp lines, a neutral or earthy colour palette, this type of design uses bold colour sparingly and usually only to create a smaller focal point. Furniture in this style generally has a minimal look with its straight edges and neutral colours.

Industrial: Wood, metals, concrete, exposed brick, industrial style is all about embracing materials in their raw, imperfect form. You will often see this style in homes built in former industrial spaces with furniture that includes reclaimed wood pieces, metal legs, and concrete table tops.

Romantic: Soft colours, florals, plush fabrics, embracing romantic design is all about finding femininity. Furniture to complement this style might have pastel colours, velvet upholstery and soft curves.

Contemporary: Clean lines, silvery metallic finishes and organic shapes. Contemporary design is forever evolving based on the trends of today. If you are looking for furniture in this style, look for pieces with silver or chrome detailing and high shine finishes.

Eclectic: A combination of various styles and time periods. Eclectic design has the potential to be chaotic, but if well executed, it has tons of personality and charm. Furniture in this style can be anything.

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