Compare sofas by seat comfort, seat depth and seat height to learn which sofa will be most comfortable for you.

Consider softer sofas if you:
• like plush enveloping comfort
• prefer a sink-in, personalized feel
• want a more relaxed look
Consider firmer sofas if you:
• prefer structured, even comfort
• like more resistance and support
• want a tidier look
Consider a shallower seat if you:
• prefer an upright feel
• are shorter than average
• like more back support
Consider a deeper seat if you:
• like to lean back at a wide angle
• are taller than average
• often tuck your legs onto the seat cushion
Consider a higher seat if you:
• like an upright feel
• prefer a seat height similar to a dining chair
• have knee or back pain and standing up is uncomfortable
Consider a lower seat if you:
• like to stretch your legs out in front of you
• prefer leaning back to sitting upright
• want a more relaxed feel

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